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Can first capacitive touch screen be installed easily?
It is not that difficult. You are expected to follow the instruction. Then perfect installation and good operation can be achieved. We have realized the easy installation of touch screen with years of efforts. Each step has been tested, so as to make sure that the operation is normal. You may send an email or call us when faced with any problems. If it is hard to describe, a video is acceptable. Then engineers will offer a solution after analysis.

As a well-known brand, CiChin Optical(Shenzhen) CO., Ltd. focuses on manufacturing capacitive touch screen. The capacitive touch screen series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The material development of CiChin Touch Screen touch screen supplier is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for quantifying elastomeric material properties such as chemical and physical properties. It is made of raw materials which are mostly imported from Japan. That CiChin Touch Screen concentrates on the service quality turns out to be effective. With sensors arranged in a grid, it enables a more complex input.

CiChin Touch Screen persists in the service philosophy of touch screen supplier. Call!
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