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How to get different types of touch screens quotation?
The quoted price of touch screen of CiChin Optical(Shenzhen) CO., Ltd. can vary based on the needs. On one hand, for the products made by mass production, we offer a unified price on them. On the other hand, for the products needing to be customized, the price would be a little bit different from that of our ready-made products. In the customization process, we may need to work out a highly recognizable design style and manufacture the products with different sizes, colors, shapes, etc. It may require us more energy, cost, and time to be involved in this process. Anyway, making a direct consultation with us is the wisest choice for you to get a quoted price.

CiChin Touch Screen is a well-known exporter in the field of resistive touch screen. The capacitive touch screen series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The production of CiChin Touch Screen capacitive touch screen is strictly in line with the hardware products workflow such as CNC machining, cutting, welding, and surface treatment. It is produced in strict accordance with the environmental protection standards. The product is anti-aging and anti-fatigue. Materials used in it are excellent in tension force and flexibility, which enables it to withstand overuse. It is manufactured in a 3000㎡ of dust-free workshop.

CiChin Touch Screen has established the service concept of 5 wire touch screen. Get info!
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