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What to do if it is incomplete advertising touch screen delivery?
If any items or parts are incompletely packed, please notify us as soon as possible. CiChin Optical(Shenzhen) CO., Ltd. is committed to your satisfaction first and foremost. You're covered by our Guarantee. Targeting different problems like missing parts or damages, we set up different compensation criteria to fulfill customer requirement. We are a professional manufacturer as well as a service provider, and we promise to guarantee your after-sales interest as much as possible. You can request a refund or reissurance of product.

The CiChin Touch Screen brand is in a leading position in the resistive touch screen field. The resistive touch screen series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. CiChin Touch Screen 5 wire touch screen has gone through the following production process: the preparation of shell pattern, stitching, lasting (to shape the final shoe.), and final assembly. It has multi-touch functions including zooming, scrolling, and selecting. Professional product service is accessible to our capacitive touch screen. Designed with extension slots, it can be interacted with other devices.

5 wire touch screen is the core concept of CiChin Touch Screen's pursuit. Get info!
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