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When was CiChin Touch Screen established?
CiChin Optical(Shenzhen) CO., Ltd. has been founded for decades. We have extensive experience in the production and sales of resistive touch overlay . In reality, we have experienced many difficulties since the inception. It takes years for us to develop our own brand and build our own sales channels. All of this contributes to the current evolving business. We are now recognized by customers around the world. We will keep on expanding our export business.

CiChin Touch Screen has received high praises from customers at home and abroad. The capacitive touch screen series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. CiChin Touch Screen 5 wire touch screen is constantly inspected. It is checked for issues in stitching, including conducting seam strength tests and checks for fraying, skipped stitches, open stitches, crooked stitches, and puckered seams. It provides some sort of flexibility and usability for users. Building professional quality standard strictly controls the quality of resistive touch screen. Applying multi-touch technology, it can read and interpret multiple pressure points at the same time.

CiChin Touch Screen adheres to the service theory of multi touch capacitive touch screen. Inquire now!
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